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Whimsical & Wild Jane Davenport Stamps using Watercolor Pencils

Hello everyone! I’m here again for Spellbinders, and I get to show you their new Jane Davenport stamps sets in the Whimsical & Wild line. The two sets I have are Elephant Dream and Horse Hug. All of the stamps in this line are so enchanting; there are nine of them.

I used watercolor pencils to paint these images. I wanted my cards to be soft and pastel and dream-like. The hot press watercolor paper also helped me achieve this. Hot press paper is very smooth. I had so much fun with these stamp sets! Now I have to get the other seven sets!


Card #1: Dream Big Card

I started off with the elephant card. I put down a light application of the watercolor pencils. Once everything was colored in, I pulled out a water-brush and blended the paints together. I used Arteza watercolor pencils; they melt out beautifully. I added more shadows and intensified the colors by grabbing the pigment right off the watercolor pencil. When the painting was dry, I even added another layer of color with colored pencils. However, I could have just used the same watercolor pencils. These watercolor pencils work great as colored pencils–no water required. I put a soft background around the elephant and the girl with green and blue watercolor pencils.

Arteza Watercolor Pencils:

Elephant: Elephant Gray, Pewter; Girl: Skin – Peaches & Cream, Burnt Ochre; Hair – Cinnamon; Dress – Peony, Pink Macaroon, Peaches & Cream; Background – Periwinkle, Matcha

Elephant Dream

Card #2: Never Stop Dreaming Card

I love how these images are drawn! I colored in the horse with different gray tones from the elephant. For it’s mane, I used a brown and a purple together. I wanted to add a little magic to it. The girl’s hair was a lot of fun to color too! I went in with several layers of watercolor pencils on this panel and even ended up with a dry layer of the watercolor pencils. I used the same periwinkle blue watercolor pencil for the background in this card.

Arteza Watercolor Pencils:

Horse: Space Gray, Pewter, Charcoal; Horse Mane – Cocoa, Purple Iris; Horse Cheeks – Peaches and Cream; Girl: Skin – Peaches And Cream; Burnt Ochre; Hair – Honey, Cinnamon; Stars – Tuscan Red; Background – Periwinkle

Horse Hug

Here is a link to the swatch chart I created for the set of 72 Arteza Watercolor Pencils:

Arteza Watercolor Pencils Swatch Chart

You can watch my process video here or over on my YouTube channel in HD.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you have a wonderful day!


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