100-Year-Old Postcards & Creating My Own Postcards

Hello everyone! Happy Thanksgiving! Today’s post and video is all about postcards and family. I have an old book of vintage postcards that my Grandma Florence collected throughout her life. I’m also showing my old book of postcards that greatly pales in comparison to my grandma’s–Lol! Her old postcards have a fun, Victorian feel to them and mine are very common, but it serves as a journal of-sorts, reminding me of all the fun places I’ve visited.

I’m also creating two of my own postcards. In one of the art stores I visited I ran across a watercolor pad of postcards. It inspired me to created my own postcards. You can definitely use your own paper to create postcards, but I like this little pad of pre-made postcards because it has a place printed out of where to put the stamp, message and address.

These are basically one -layer cards. You can’t add any dimension, but it forces you to be super creative to add lots of interest to you cards. A lot of my grandmother’s cards were embossed, and I tried this technique on my first postcard. I also noticed a theme playing through my grandmother’s postcards. They featured little vignettes surrounded by flowers. On my second card I tried to mimic this with my scarecrow as my vignette, and I surrounded him with a diamond shape and sunflowers.

I had a ball creating these cards, and I’m definitely going to be doing it again. What a great thing to send to somebody–a handmade postcard to add to their book of collections.

Thanks for stopping by, everyone! I’m wishing you all a wonderful day and a fabulous Thanksgiving! Sending crafty hugs!!


2019 100 yr Old Postcards THUMB

Postcard #1: Thanksgiving Scene

I stamped this with my pad of VersaFine Clair Ink in the color Fallen Leaves. I love this ink because it’s waterproof and it a very dark brown color. I then pulled out my palette of Daniel Smith Watercolors and had fun painting in this darling little scene. I used a scallop die to emboss around my scene, and then I blended on some gold Delicata Ink and then some Vintage Photo ink around the sides.


Postcard #2: Scarecrow Vignette with Sunflowers

This postcard is my favorite. I love scarecrows and sunflowers, and I really enjoyed putting this one together. It did involve a lot of stamping and masking, and then I drew a diamond shape around my scarecrow using a square die and a ruler. I pulled out my Arteza Watercolor Brushes to paint in this scene. I didn’t use an aqua brush on this postcard; I wanted to keep my water use down to a minimum to prevent warping. I blended the various colors of my Arteza brushes together. I did add a little bit of color around the sunflowers and also around my scarecrow. I love how vibrant this postcard turned out.

Arteza Watercolor Brushes: Scarecrow – Face – Ginger, Placard – Chocolate, Straw – Lemon Yellow & Sunset Yellow, Sunflowers – Lemon Yellow, Bumblebee Yellow & Orange Rust, Flower Centers – Peach & Chocolate, Leaves – Green Tea, Olive Green & True Blue,


You’ll find my process video below! You can watch it here or over on my YouTube Channel in HD.


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About jackiescrafttablehttp://jackiescrafttabledotcom.wordpress.comI'm a lover of all things crafty, especially when it involves paper. Card crafting is my newest love because it involves creating something beautiful or cute or funny and sending it to people I love.

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