Polar Bear Pals Card using Prismacolor Pencils on Kraft Cardstock

Hello and welcome to my craft table.  Two things that really go well together besides peanut butter and jelly are Prismacolor pencils and Kraft cardstock.  The way that Prismacolor pencils coat the paper and make images pop off this charmingly drab kraft paper is amazing.  I highly recommend giving it a try, and your pencils don’t have to be Prismacolor color pencils either.

I started off with building my little scene.  I stamped the bigger bear first because I wanted him in front, I covered him with a mask, and then I stamped the smaller bear.  When I peeled off the mask, the smaller bear was peeking out from behind the larger one.


I dived right into the coloring after that.  I colored on a few layers with each of the pencils.  The Prismacolor pencils do have a tendency of dimming the stamped lines, but that problem can be easily fixed if you keep your stamps on the door of your stamp positions.  Then all you have to do is pop your card panel back in and re-stamp it.  Or outline it with a marker when you’re finished coloring.


I added some glitter over the bears’ scarves and the pail of fish with my Spetrum Noir clear glitter pen.  This just added a little more interest.  I used a gel pen to dot on snowflakes, making sure to put some on the bears so it looked like it was snowing all around them.


I adhered this card panel onto a white card base and called it done, but as I kept glancing at it sitting on my craft table as I’d walk by while cooking or leaving the house on some errand–my craft table is actually my dining room table, so I pass it a lot–I felt something else was needed.  And I remembered that adding a bow to almost anything helps.  I opted to use red and white baker’s twine.  This was the missing element!


I love how this card turned out, and I hope you like it too!  You can watch it here on my blog or on my YouTube Channel.


Thank you for visiting!!

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