Flower Heart/Valentine’s Day Card Series 2017/Card 1

Happy New Year!! I’m finally back with a new card video.  I’m so excited for 2017.  One of my goals is to publish more card crafting videos.  It’s been about a year since I began this blog, and I’m definitely a card crafting addict.  It’s been so much fun making cards and mailing them out to my family and friends!

Making cards has taken me to a happy place this past year when I so dearly needed that escape.  All summer I’ve been battling breast cancer.  It’s been a rough, scary year, but my Lord, my family and friends and my love of art helped to pull me through.

In September I had a double mastectomy and for a while after that I was unable to craft.  I was surprised how it affected my arms.  I couldn’t lift them up to my craft table.  It took a while to heal from that, hence the delay in making card videos.  However, I won my battle! I’m completely cancer free, and I have a deeper appreciation for life, for my family, and all the simple little details in life that make it so happy.

So, on to my first card of 2017.  I’m going to be making a lot of Valentine cards–I absolutely love Valentine’s Day–the chocolate, the hearts, and, of course, the Valentine’s cards.


Before I get into how I created this card, I want to show you the new stamp I ordered online of my logo.  Now I can stamp my logo on the back of all my cards.  Fun!


I’m using a lot of gold on this card.  I’m starting out with gold Delicata ink, and I’m blending that around the heart window on my card.  I then add gold Perfect Pearls for even more shine.  The excess powder wipes clean with a Swiffer towel.


Next, I am stamping out the smaller flowers from MFT’s stamps set Desert Bouquet.  I’m stamping them with gold, hot pink and light pink ink.  I’m also stamping the centers of the flowers with gold ink, except for the gold flower–for that I use the hot pink ink.


Now I can assemble my card.  I’m placing the flowers in a heart shape on the inside of my card.  I’m using Press-n-Seal over my flowers.  It holds the flowers in place so I can lift them off my card and add glue to the back.  I then flip it back over and glue it onto my card.  I then peel off the Press-n-Seal and my flowers are in place.

Here’s a close-up of the pretty flowers on the inside of my card.


Here’s the video of how my card came together.  You can watch it here on my blog or on my YouTube channel clicking here.

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