Happy Birthday Shark Wobbler Card

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog! The latest from my craft table is a card with a lot of bite. I made this one for my husband’s birthday, but it would be a great kid’s card too.

Happy Birthday - Shark Card - blog


I love sharks. My favorite toy as a very young child was a stuffed animal shark, so when I saw this stamp set from Newton’s Nook, I knew it was meant for me. This was a jaw-some card to put together. I used colored pencils to color in the shark, and layered the base of the card with five different colors of paper–one of which I daubed on some blue dye ink to indicate sky and clouds.

shar card pic 2


I got a new toy for this card–the Mini Misti. Love it! Makes stamping a lot easier. For this card I even stamped the inside. The shark fin didn’t stamp dark enough the first time, so all I had to do was re-ink it, and stamp it again. With the Mini Misti I was able to stamp it exactly where I stamped it the first time.



To finish it up, I glued the shark to an action wobbler, so it pops off the card and jiggles–so much fun!



Here’s how the card came together!

Watch the video below | Watch in HD at YouTube




Here are the supplies I used for this card:

About jackiescrafttablehttp://jackiescrafttabledotcom.wordpress.comI'm a lover of all things crafty, especially when it involves paper. Card crafting is my newest love because it involves creating something beautiful or cute or funny and sending it to people I love.

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